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Garantía de calidad
y seguridad


Health and hygiene

Products dedicated to the care of your health and hygiene, high quality. Betting on the use of natural products, respecting and caring for the environment at all times.

Apicultor en el trabajo

Health - Superfoods

Incorporating "superfoods" into our diets is more important than ever. These products have more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals than other foods.


Oral health and hygiene

Today, the variety of  types of toothpaste  available in pharmacies can be overwhelming. Just remember that the  best toothpaste for you  It is the one that you like enough to use it every day. Naturally, you can buy different types to vary or according to the preferences and needs of your family. 



Only  We offer top-level quality products, with totally natural materials, just as your body deserves.



Many of our products meet and commit to
constant care
of our planet.



Disfarma is synonymous  quality, for this reason we have a daily commitment to efficient customer service and the offer of innovative products of the best quality.



We are a guarantee of security, our clients can be totally sure of the effectiveness of our products.

Hojas verdes


"Cottons es la opción natural australiana, 100% algodón natural, un buen producto traído a España, Portugal
y Andorra gracias a Disfarma y su trabajo"


"Disfarma me encanta, trajo JOY DIVISION, con su gamma de lubricantes naturales
y Soft tampons perfectos para el deporte y mis relaciones, 
tienen un compromiso con la higiene íntima natural "

Belleza natural


"Gracias a Disfarma, puedo optar por la opción 100% algodón, en compresas, salvaslips 
y tampones, sin químicos, además de respetar mi cuerpo, muy cómodas"

Mujer madura sonriente con el pelo gris


"Gracias a Comforts he recuperado la seguridad y la confianza, esta marca me ofrece una excelente opción
de compresas y salvaslips, muy cómodas ideales para la pérdida de orina."


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