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Soft tampons

Soft tampons have been specially developed for the  hygiene during menstruation.


Not only do they guarantee enjoyable sex during your period,  they are also especially suitable for active and sporty women.

Without thread, the Soft tampons provide women with optimal security in all activities.

Maximum hygiene


The  Hygiene is the highest priority in the production of Soft tampons, which is the reason for the individual sterile packaging.

Comfortable  to carry  


The Soft tampons are made of an innovative, toxin-free and environmentally friendly sponge material, they do not contain any chemicals at all, so they do not cause internal irritations. 


Cómodo de llevar 


Los Soft tampons están hechos de un material esponjoso innovador libre de toxinas y respetuoso con el medio ambiente, no contienen substancias químicas en absoluto, por lo que no causa irritaciones interiores. 

  • Not noticeable by the partner during intercourse

  • Comfortable and pleasant use

  • Ideal for transporting contraceptives in the form of creams

  • Clinical tolerability and dermatological tests  

  • Individual sterile packages

  • High absorption capacity

  • Environmentally friendly sponge

  • Chemical-free materials

  • Avoid internal irritations

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