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Dándose un baño

Higiene intima

Todos los productos Femfresh™ no contienen jabón, tienen un pH equilibrado y han sido probados clínicamente bajo controles dermatológicos y ginecológicos, para limpiar suavemente y dejar una sensación duradera de frescura: simplemente se siente bien cuando se usa.


FemFresh intimate gel daily use

The gel  intimate diary favorite for female audiences. East  product is the perfect companion for hygiene  quick  in the shower. The specially designed pH balanced formula is enriched with soothing aloe vera to keep you  comfortable  and feel fresh during  all day.

pH balanced for intimate skin
Dermatologically and gynecologically tested Tested Hypoallergenic and soap-free

Available in 150ml size

FemFresh deodorant  intimate

Femfresh Intimate Deodorant has been specially formulated to provide a pleasant and prolonged sensation of cleanliness and comfort in the intimate area.  Its delicate aroma and its  components provide freshness, comfort and confidence.
It can be used around intimate areas or directly over underwear.

pH  balanced for intimate skin
Dermatologically and gynecologically tested 24 hours protection

Recommended for daily use


Available in 125ml size

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